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Providing all the tools you need

for empathetic and meaningful connection

Direct Services

Build and Maintain communication skills. 

  • Group Pro-Social Communication Skills

  • Peer Counselors and Models

  • Educational Interventions and Tutoring

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Professional Consultation

Drive the conversation. 

  • Individualized and in-depth consultations with your team

  • Overview of proposed programs related to working with individuals with disabilities

  • Discussion of suggested methods of program/training evaluation


Customized Training

Carve your path to meaningful interactions.

  • Trainings led by specially-trained self-advocate educators with lived experience.

  • Authentic role-play scenarios that target specific skills and strategies, specific to the disability community.

  • Professional Development for continuing education.

Evaluation Services

Open the minds of your team members.

  • Clear reports and other deliverables that demonstrate positive program results

  • Formative and summative evaluations that use qualitative and quantitative data

  • Research tools such as interviews, focus groups, surveys, and questionnaires

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